Come Home EP

by Julius Obregon, Jr.

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a collection of songs from various points in my life that are all held together by this prayer:

may the peace of the Lord Jesus Christ go with you
wherever he may send you
may he guide you through the wilderness
protect you through the storm
may he bring you home rejoicing at the wonders he has shown you
may he bring you home rejoicing once again into these doors.

through all of the different circumstances, the different muses, the different joys and the different trials, something like this prayer holds it all together. many of these songs come from a place of searching, of longing... for something that feels like home. it is an imperfect journey, a messy narrative laid out in song that feels a bit like snippets from my journal. yet behind every page, there is something that pulls me... something that pulls my discontentment and my restlessness into a life that is full, into a love that satisfies. so the record culminates in something that sounds like... home. it is the place where i found myself profoundly surrounded by Love itself... and it sounds like voices singing over me, joining in with the hymn that has been drawing me all along. a song that emanates from the heart of a Father. "why do you spend on what doesn't give back? come dine at my table... come home."

this invitation has always been calling out to me: "come home."
they are the same words that were uttered to my father that fateful day he came to Jesus on the altar of that makeshift church, meeting humbly in an abandoned theater in manila. and they are the same words that call out to me every day. words that comfort, words that guide. it is an invitation to a table that is open, as much as i may wander.


released April 28, 2017

all songs written by julius obregon, jr.

julius obregon, jr. - guitars, vocals
jr bishop - production, programming, mixing, mastering, bgv's on "lullaby"
randy hiroshige - drums
janelle hiroshige - bass
jarel paguio - rhodes and organ
james spaite - harmonica and percussion on "who's to say," bgv's on "can we start again"
stephen rinker - glockenspiel and pocky-glock on "lullaby"
teroa paselio and william shine - backing vocals/choir on "through the storm"
brie darling - backing vocals on "can we start again"
michael freed - strings on "through the storm"

special thanks to dave darling and aunt brie for opening their home to us and letting us track some tunes in their studio!

album design by matt linman. thank you for putting up with all my emails and for being the designger of the year.

and of course, thanks to sweet sam herrera not only for taking the cover photo, but for always counting us off for success and for feeling like home.

dedicated to my parents, for being an embodiment of deep, deep love in my life. we didn’t live in the same place for more than two years growing up, but they taught me that home was much more than a building.



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


Julius Obregon, Jr. San Diego, California

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Track Name: Who's To Say?
you know when everything comes tumbling down
and you can't pick it up, and you can't keep it from falling out
cause I remember when september came
and we were walking as the remnants of the bittersweet
brought a taste of what could never be
cause the road ahead was something that we couldn't see


the shadows cast behind the fading light keep calling
calling me further and further still
but oh this vision draws me in
and i am paralyzed as all these thoughts keep holding me against my will

but who's to say it's not my place to go?
who's to say it's ever really over?
Track Name: Remember September
listen, if just for a couple of minutes
as i try to explain just why i've been acting this way
it started sometime in the early september
i remember when i said hello
but i didn't know

that you'd be the one that could make me believe
that i could do anything
you were the only thing

you said we shouldn't try but let's give it a whirl
cause to me you're the only girl in the world
who makes it better
so don't tell me never
Track Name: Lullaby
do you remember me at all?
when i held you in my palm—you were so small
you had your mother's eyes—i’d sing a lullaby as you slept, it goes like…

sleep, the day is gone

do you remember me at all?
when i wrought your frame
and i called your name, it was good
you were beautiful—you were beautiful

do you remember this at all?
when they stole you and they told you i was gone
i would weep—the days went on

and i'd lie there for a moment
in the silence, i could hear your voice—it sang…

sleep, the day is gone

can we pick this up from where we left off?
in the fairytale—it’s your favorite part, we sing…

sleep, the day is gone
Track Name: Can We Start Again?
so find the words to tell me no
these scars are harder to feel this heart is harder to hold
i’ve spent too many hours, spent too many nights
i’m still searching for answers, but i’ve got nothing to find

so can we start again
can we start again

and how many times is this gonna take
when will we find the words to explain
what we really are—what I ever meant to you
cause I’m still sitting here thinking we might just work this out

so can we start again
can we start again

are you ready, are you ready this time

are we getting closer now
Track Name: Through the Storm
i've been trying so hard, many times do i fail
trying to fight on my own, but i've been losing my faith
but with the breath of the morning
comes the joy of Your grace
so let me die to my flesh, and draw me near to Your face

through the storm, through the fire
i will lift my voice even higher
than the mountains, like a river
let this love overflow with your forgiveness

and i'm done trying to figure this out on my own
so send down Your Spirit, let it burn in my soul
You've broken my chains, i am healed in Your name
i'm in awe of Your presence, by Your blood i am saved

through the storm, through the fire
i will lift my voice even higher
than the mountains, like a river
let this love overflow with your forgiveness

and i'm in need, i need You desperately
to breathe life into my soul
but though i'm weak, i know You've rescued me
so i will keep on singing all these praises through the storm
Track Name: Come Home (Live)
why do you spend on what doesn't give back
come dine at My table, where nothing you'll lack
and why give your heart away to things that will fade
i still have a plan for you, my promise remains

so come home
come home to Me

I made you for more than this
made you for more than this

you were made to be more than this
made to be more than this

so come home